How much is a T-Shirt?

Last summer, we decided to sew our own t-shirt. Because we a had a certain design in mind, and also for the sake of experiencing the process.

It was fun to once go through this process – starting from drawing the pattern on paper, transferring it to the fabric, cutting, sewing (with ordinary and overlock seams), and finally (gulp!) ironing.

Though the process is not really a huge mental challenge, there are a few things to consider, like when to invert everything, and cloth orientation, and sewing takes some physical skills. It was real fun, and we are proud of the result (see image) — and we say thank you for the really great support at


  1. We must say HATS OFF to all people doing this under tight time constraints (we had 1 1/2 days!)
  2. Would we sell our product? Probably not for € 4,95 and not even for € 49,99 – and thats without manufacturing the fabric…

Recently we found a great video about clothing


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